Business Process Management Revised.

Business Process Management Revised.
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Blondie Flow is a tool to describe and create workflows.

It's a tool which allows you describe any process in your business with human-friendly syntax and generate a workflow from the description. We use simple words to describe the process and then, we generate flow to transfer data, send notifications, track status and more.

Step-by-Step description

Describe your process step-by-step, like if you would be doing that in text editor or explaining to someone.

Multi-spot automation

Process orders, send notifications, track sales, sent webhooks, detect anomalies and more.

Two Simple Modes

One for Business guys, another for Tech guys. Communication between IT and Business made transparent.

Audit mode

Audit mode helps you describing the process with human friendly text using Role, Action and Object syntax.

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Automate mode

Add automations to the described processes, give your users instructions, send notifications, create user facing apps.

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Fresh Look on
Business Process Analysis

Audit mode was created for business managers and analysts as a place where to store sequence of steps and procedures. It eliminates necessity of creating and updating policies. This is your first step to bureaucracy free company.

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workflow automation

Every process has three places for automation.
1. When Process starts
2. After process has ended
3. During transition to another process
This gives unlimited opportunities to take control over your workflow

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The whole new way to describe your business process

No diagrams. No graphs. No functions. 

Describe who is going to do the tasks. It could be anyone or anything. Sales rep, Customer support manager or even… a Bot!

Describe what to be done. What is actually the action which is considered as a result of the business process. 

And of course with whom (or what) this action to be performed. And you’re done describing the process.

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